And Away We Go!

And Away We Go!

by Greg Riley

Chapter 1 - And Away We Go

Hey freinds! 2020 is already off to a roaring start with lots of test vehicles and events on the horizon as well as our projects here at GarageDlx.

Today is the one year anniversary of my bride's release from the hospital after our big scare. She isn't able to do some things she once could, but she is smiling and very happy to still be with us. It is also just a few days past my #3 son's 17th birthday. This "kid" now towers over me and his 28 year old brother at 6'-4" and still growing.

When I first launched the blog I did things in sort of a magazine style with lots of topical tidbits, and links to other videos and content. In 2020 we are going back to that format. You can still surf this blog for new car reviews, and items on specific topics, like my recent piece "Scotty and the Snarling Kitties" which tells the tale of my experience with some classic Jaguar's as well as my recent reviews of three of Jag's newest and most coveted models, the F-Pace SVR, P300 R-Dynamic, and the cutting edge new I-Pace EV400 AWD.

2020 Jaguar I Pace AWD


2020 Jaguar P300 R Dynamic is a performance car you can use everyday!

Chapter 2 - GarageDlx on YouTube

Don't forget the GarageDlx You Tube channels at

You can ride along with me in all of the best new cars:

2019 Mercedes-Benz S63 S AMG

2019 Mercedes Benz E63 S AMG is one of the highest performing sedans on the road today

2019 BMW 850i Convertible

2020 BMW 850i X-Drive convertible, beautiful at night

2020 Kia Soul X-Line

2020 Kia Telluride

Kia/Hyundai hits a home homerun with the 2020 Kia Telluride and Hyundai Pallisades

2020 Subaru Legacy

I have even more new car reviews coming over the next month from Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, and many others.

Chapter 3 - GarageDLX.FM

Also remember that I have my online 24/7 radio station playing great hits from yesterday today of special interest to car people. With over 5,000 songs in the library you will seldom here anything repeated in a given week. We also do our live Podcast every Saturday from Noon-2pm, and it rebroadcasts Saturday 7-9pm, and every week day the following week also from Noon-2pm. It features the Three Stooges of the Automotive world, myself Scotty Gibons (aka Greg,) Natan Tazelaar one of Europe's leading multiple award winning automotive journalists, and our good friend and resident millennial Jesus Garcia.

There are multiple ways to find our station.

You can follow this direct link: www.GarageDLX.FM

You can also download the Live365 App for any mobile device, and then look for station GarageDLX. We are also on Alexa. Say "Alexa play Live365." It will then ask you which station and say, "Play Garage D L X." I've also embedded a handy player right below, which can also be found on the front page of this web site.

Chapter 4 - Amelia Island 2020

This week I received my media credential approvals from The Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance. We typically make a family event of our Amelia week with old son Brian, and youngest son Collin accompanying me. I typically attend the Amelia auctions, and festivities, while Brian and Collin display one of our antique engines at the North Florida Antique Engine Association. This year we plan to drive our junkyard reject Corvair "Cinderella" from Texas to Florida. She has been about 70% reliable over the last year, so my confidence level of a trouble-free trip to about 70%, lol. Cinderella has been entered in the Concours d'Lemons in the "Rear-Engine Ass-Sled Non-Hessian Class." Finally my dreams of showing one of my cars at Amelia will be a reality! Brian is hoping for worst of show, and to place in the American Rust Belt Class. I understand that bribing the judges is encouraged, so we're busily debating our best bribery strategy.

Collin and Brian Riley at 2019 Houston Autorama with our junkyard save 1962 Corvair Cinderella

All kidding aside, I've been a regular at Amelia since I was running General Box Company in nearby Waycross, GA in the early 2000's. During my first few years we'd stay at the company condo near the Amelia racket club and run over via golf cart. We'd always get front door golf cart parking at the Ritz. The Amelia has become one of the leading automotive happenings in the U.S. if not the world, with multiple auctions, parties, club events, Lemons, and of course the big Kahuna the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance One of our good friends a supporters will also be showing a car at the main event this season As we get closer I'll share more information about everything Amelia.

Chapter 5 - Houston Auto Show

Next week we'll be at the Houston Auto Show. The theme on preview night is Roaring 20's, so I'll need to dig deep into my closet for proper attire. There will be new product introductions, as well as the annual Texas Auto Writers Association meeting. I'll have a report on all those happenings next edition.

Chapter 6 - Scale Model 3D Printed Drift Car

My friend David Traver Adolphous made me aware of this short video clip. Awesome indeed!

Chapter 7 - Cool Breeze

I'm also on the verge of finished the engine for my 1965 Corvair Monza 4-door Sports Sedan "Cool Breeze." This is a low-time 1966 110hp engine coupled to a Powerglide transmission.

1966 110hp almost ready for installation into my 1965 Sports Sedan with factory air-conditioning "Cool-Breeze"

Chapter 8 - Herby's Car

I'm also elbows deep into a rebuild of my friend Herby's 1966 Corvair. He has a very nice two-door hardtop that unfortunately had a very sick engine. Heads are done, crank ready, and new parts on the way for delivery next week.

Never a good sign when the dispstick is a geyser

She was a very sick little Corvair, but will soon be better than new! Some people find assembling jigsaw puzzles, relaxing. Well I'm the same way about assembling engines, one of my all-time favorite pastimes.

Chapter 9 - The Ultimate Guide to 'Vairs With Air

Ever wondered how much someone with extreme OCD can geek out on a single topic? Well I'm about to reprint the Ultimate Guide to 'Vairs with Air, so for $24.95 you can find out!

In Conclusion

As I said 2020 is off to a rip-roaring start, which tons more events, projects, and music headed your way very soon! Keep the shiny side up, dirty side down and drive them cars!