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Our Story

Is Garage Deluxe a real place? Well yes and no. My personal workshop has been known as Garage Deluxe for many years. You can see photos of all of my crazy projects old and new. Garage Deluxe is also an virtual place me and my car friends to gather and bench race and spin a few wrenches.

In the beginning

Greg Riley has been working on anything mechanical since his first Schwinn at six years old. His friends Don and Fred taught him all the important stuff about how to fabricate and work on cars. Over the next forty years he has owned, worked on, driven, raced, and talked about every conceivable type of car.

The GarageDlx Crew

Ours is a diverse crew with different world-views, the thing that binds us together is our love of sharing car adventures with our friends


Greg Riley

Grease Monkey in Chief

Greg Riley is a thirty year sales and marketing professional with a serious affinity for automotive journalism with a specialty in collector cars and related auctions. Over the last decade his work has appeared in numerous publications and on broadcast radio. Greg is the co-author of Black Gold to Bluegrass, a historical text. He has also written and published two automotive technical manuals; The Corv-8, America’s Original Mid-Engine Supercar, and The Ultimate Guide to ‘Vairs with Air. Most weekends he can be found at his shop Garage DeLuxe indulging his passion for automotive restoration. He has twice won a Texas Auto Writers Excellence in Craft award.


Natan Tazellar

The European Connection


The Riley Boys; Brian and Collin

Our resident junk-iron specialists

Natan is well known to the readers of a leading European car magazine. He travels the world driving the most amazing cars which he’ll tell us all about


Mysterious Mr. X

Our Inside Man

Mr. X is our well-heeled anonymous collector

Join us in The Garage…

Surf on over to the blog for the latest and greatest projects and adventures.

The Garage